QML Sokoban 0.7

Arcade by glad
This is a Sokoban game entirely written in QML + Javascript. Therefore Qt 4.7 or higher is required. No code must be compiled, you only have to extract the source and run "qmlviewer qmlsokoban/qml/main.qml" (note that in some Linux distributions like Ubuntu qmlviewer must be installed...
Rating: 6.2
Dec 19 2011

MINiOn's snake 1.0

Arcade by MINiOn1696
Classic snake game with handmade graphics, using paintEvent and keyPressEvent. File is installer for game. Source code will be posted later
Rating: 5.0
Nov 26 2011

HappyFrog 0.0.3

Arcade by GaryWzl
HappyFrog is a funny game which is based on Qt and Box2D (mainly,Declarative UI integrated with Box2D).Maybe It reminds you of "Angry bird". The most interesting thing you can find in the game is that you can customize the level and edit your own fixture world.And of course,you can save the...
Rating: 5.4
Jul 27 2011


Arcade by kinch27
Tubularix is a free opensource game similar to Tetris seen from a tubular perspective. Game's rules and behavior are very similar to the Tetris ones. It's written in c++ with the Qt 4 libraries. The game can be run on GNU/Linux, Windows or Mac. Instalation/running instructions on the README file.
Rating: 7.6
Jun 18 2011

5 soccer 0.4

Arcade by SoccerMad
THE GAME: Choose from 64 international teams and play 5-a side football. INSTALLATION: From a PC computer download the game from the download link and then install it on the mobile phone. The installation package will also install Qt 4.7.1 on the mobile phone. The game should work with following...
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Rating: 5.0
Jun 06 2011

Ballway 1.0

Arcade by Blahord
Move a Ball to the finish, with only accelerating it. Needs Qt 4.6+ to compile and run How to compile: qmake make
Rating: 6.5
Mar 29 2011

Gelide 0.1.5

Arcade by jamf
A frontend for multiple systems and emulators. Gelide is a configurable frontend used to manage any kind of emulated system (Video game console, Arcade, Pc) also let you catalog and launch any game's emulator under Gnu/Linux. It support a wide range of systems and a wide range of emulators...
Rating: 6.0
Mar 27 2011

HexGlass 1.2.1

Arcade by michurin
HexGlass is a Tetris-like puzzle game based on a hexagonal grid. Ten different types of blocks continuously fall from above and you must arrange them to make horizontal rows of hexagonal bricks. Completing any row causes those hexagonal blocks to disappear and those above move downwards. The...
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Rating: 7.0
Feb 17 2011

Yourik the Intergalactic Rabbit 1.0.1

Arcade by xornot
Yourik The Intergalactic Rabbit is the animal rights-themed arcade game. Fight your way from the vivisection laboratory and save the animals. You are the genetically modified rabbit, Yourik, the Intergalactic One.
Rating: 5.0
Jan 14 2011

TAsteroids 0.6.1

Arcade by Taiko
Features: -Multithreaded asteroid rendering -Physics engine -Scripting TAsteroids is a clone of the classic arcade game asteroids. It has an integrated physics engine and your ship won't explode instantly if you hit an asteroid. That makes collisions more fun! The graphics engine is basically a...
Rating: 6.6
Jan 04 2011