Xbill 2.1 edited 1

Arcade by Padster
I like the game xbill, and decided to give the graphics a facelift. they are old (the last update being in 2001). I just took the images used in the game and replaced them with newer ones. Some of the logos on the screens. I have a "patch" (a zip with files to replace the other ones [with a...
Rating: 5.3
Feb 28 2010

Sudoku Savant

Arcade by rankincj
A simple GUI-driven application to solve and generate Sudoku puzzles through logical means. Sudoku Savant generates and solves standard Sudoku puzzles with anything from 3x3 to 5x6 or 6x5 grids, using the following strategies: - Singletons - Locked candidates - Hidden and Naked subsets -...
Rating: 5.0
Feb 28 2010


Arcade by adb
A front-end for MAME, supporting XMAME and SDLMAME GMAMEUI is a front-end for MAME. It grew out of the now-defunct GXMAME program, and added support for SDLMAME, as well as fixed a number of old bugs from the last GXMAME release. GMAMEUI allows you to play your MAME ROMS from one convenient...
Rating: 5.0
Oct 25 2009


Arcade by kornelix2
Galaxy is a stellar motion simulator which can show the development of a random field of stars into patterns such as clusters and spiral arms. Galaxy is a free Linux computer program which simulates the motion of stars under the influence of gravity. Create a field of random stars to begin with,...
Rating: 5.0
Jun 23 2009


Arcade by usermine
Wormux is a free game where funny animals fight on a 2D map with funny weapons. Though currently under heavy development, it is already very playable, with lots of weapons (Dynamite, Baseball Bat, Teleportation, etc.). There are also lots of maps available for your battling pleasure! Wormux...
Rating: 5.0
Jun 18 2009

AerX 2.0

Arcade by reynaga
Enjoy this FREE flight and combat 3D customizable game.
Rating: 5.7
Jun 03 2009


Arcade by niqueco
Falling blocks game. Yes, another tetris-like simple game. Although it looks like Tetris, it's not---and figuring out how to make blocks go away is half the fun.
Rating: 5.0
Feb 14 2009


Arcade by yselkowitz2
GTK+ Tangram chinese puzzle gTans is a GTK version of Tangram, an ancient chinese puzzle. The object is to put 7 geometric shapes together so as to form a given outline. All the pieces must be used and may not overlap.
Rating: 5.0
Feb 04 2009

Gnome Quod

Arcade by vest
You have to win by placing attacking coins as square corners. The object of the game is to outmaneuver your opponent and be the first to outline a square, called a quod, by capturing its four corners with your colored attacking pieces. Contains easy and hard level AI, also can be played between...
Rating: 5.0
Jan 27 2009

Monster Masher

Arcade by olau
Mash'em-up action game for GNOME. Monster Masher is a mash'em-up action game for GNOME. Each level contains a number of blocks and monsters. You're a little gnome running around. By pushing the blocks you can mash the monsters one at a time. There are various power-ups and different kinds of...
Rating: 5.0
Nov 09 2008