Arcade by spoody_goon
An open source Yahtzee game written in C#. Intended to be laid out exactly like the game we all used to play around the kitchen table. An open source Yahtzee game written in C#. Intended to be laid out exactly like the game we all used to play around the kitchen table. As the Mono/Gtk# version...
Rating: 5.0
Jan 28 2008


Arcade by mlake
a poker simulation The feature set in the current version is limited. Poker games may be created. Robot players with a limited set of traits may be created. Simulations may be run.
Rating: 5.0
Jan 19 2008

Ruby GTK Fortune Cookies

Arcade by alexshulgin
A tiny program to nicely display fortune cookies on a GNOME desktop written in Ruby. A program to display fortune cookies nicely on a GNOME desktop. It uses Glade via libglade2-ruby for UI and, naturally, fortune for the cookies.
Rating: 5.0
Nov 26 2007


Arcade by nshmyrev
CSBoard is a small GUI for gnuchess. It is written in C# and uses gtk-sharp and mono. It is simple, but allows you just play chess with SVG graphics and native look and desktop theme usage.
Rating: 5.0
Sep 03 2007


Arcade by tril42
An anagram game for *nix. Wordplay is a game for Unix/GTK+. It is primarily aimed at Scrabble players looking to improve their word-finding skills, but can also be played for fun. Three types of games are included: word mines (find all words of a certain length that can be formed from the...
Rating: 5.0
Aug 18 2007


Arcade by zootropo
Gromlist is a clone of OfflineList for Linux. It shows a list of all the games that are available for a console, with the name, number of release, language, region and images. It can also show the games (roms) you downloaded to your computer and you can filter the games by name, region and based...
Rating: 5.0
Aug 16 2007

GNOME Sudoku

Arcade by thinkle
A Sudoku player and generator. GNOME Sudoku is a GNOME-based puzzle game. Sudoku is a popular Japanese logic game. GNOME Sudoku intends to provide a simple interface for generating, playing, saving, printing and solving Sudoku puzzles. At present, GNOME Sudoku supports infinite undo, generation...
Rating: 5.0
Aug 15 2007


Arcade by Spooky2
A collection of 5-minute games for the GNOME desktop. Gnome-games is a collection of games that comes with the GNOME desktop. They are all simple, but very addictive. The list of games includes: Aisleriot, Ataxx, Blackjack, Five-or-more, Four-in-a-Row, Gnometris, Iagno, Klotski, Mahjongg, Mines,...
Rating: 5.0
Aug 13 2007

Lagnarok client

Arcade by keldon
eathena client private server Lagnarok Online
Rating: 5.0
Jul 31 2007


Arcade by iroli2
A simple but nice gnuGO GUI. This go gui focuses on simply usage, and beauty. It support games against gnugo as well as human opponents. It comes with a gnome-screensaver module replaying professional games (bundeled with 1000 games). It also features a nautilus preview component generating...
Rating: 5.0
Jul 31 2007