QNetWalk - Qt 4 1.2

Board by fyanardi
This is a Qt 4 version of QNetWalk ga me by Andi Peredri. Tested with Windows XP and Debian GNU/Linux with Qt 4.1.2. To compile (Linux and Windows with Qt4 and MinGW): run qmake (Qt4) and then make from the source directory. Original QNetWalk game (c) by Andri Peredri:...
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Jun 03 2006

kMagnet 0.10

Board by omllobet
kmagnet is a simple puzzle game with a built-in puzzle editor.Basically you can move the ball up down left or right and it stops when it finds an obstacle or arrives to a hole. To win the ball has to arrive to a hole. Latest code at: http://gitorious.org/kmagnet/ recommended cmake command: cmake...
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Feb 01 2011

qGO 1.5.3

Board by yfh2
Go is an ancient boardgame, very common in Japan, China and Korea. qGo is a Go client and full featured SGF editor, available for Linux/Windows and MacOS X. qGo code is C++/Qt and it's free.
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Jan 09 2007

Marbles 1.0.0-1

Board by espentveit
Marbles 1.0.0 (c) Espen Tveit 2006 GPL Marbles is a simple game. The objective is to take out as big groups of marbles as possible. Highscore system included. I've also programmed some simple physics to make it look like the marbles fall. If you hold the mouse over a cluster of marbles for a...
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Mar 21 2006

Diamond Crush 0.1 (First Playable)

Board by cover
Diamond Crush is a puzzle game to be released worldwide before the end of 2006 by the Italian Diamonds Team, totally for free on different PC operating systems, under open source Public Domain license. The First Playable Version, a sort of pre-alpha for offline multiplayer gaming only, is...
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Apr 25 2006

logiK 0.2

Board by sugnacamrevyg
Program for creating and solving puzzles like those in PM Creativity Trainer. You can create a puzzle form an image file and try to solve it.
Score 50.0%
Mar 31 2006

MahJongg 3D Solitaire 0.96

Board by RetoSchoelly
An implementation of the classical chinese game Mah Jongg with 3D OpenGL graphics. Features: - 3D OpenGL view - A unique hand drawn tileset - Undo - Reorder - Custom tilesets loadable - Hint function - Hiscores HAVE A LOT OF FUN!
Score 58.0%
Jun 26 2004

Kajongg 17.04

Board by wrohdewald
Kajongg - the classical Mah Jongg for four players. If you are looking for the Mah Jongg solitaire please use the application KMahjongg.Installing Kajongg on Windows Download the installer from the link in the Files tab. Kajongg needs the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package. I believe I...
Score 63.3%
Jan 21 2017

Tagua 1.0 alpha "Clinkz"

Board by pcapriotti
Tagua is a generic board game application for KDE, including games like Chess, Shogi, Xiangqi, and variants. It is based on a powerful plugin system that allows many games to share the same graphical framework, game history handling, interoperability with AI engines, and connectivity to network...
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Sep 03 2007

Kapitalist 0.4

Board by hoermen
Kapitalist is a Monopoly-like board game for 2-8 players. Walk around the board, buy properties, receive rent from your competitors, try to get monopolies to build houses and hotels on them. The goal is to be the richest player on the board and to make your opponents go bankrupt. The game is...
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Apr 02 2008