Jx-Jigsaws 3.0

Various Games by dovidhalevi
There is one jigsaw program for Linux-X-windows: Xjig. JxJigsaws gives this a GUI. One can preview images, resize, select number of pieces and launch Xjig. The image preview remains as a floating picture while you solve the puzzle.Caveats: Xjig has a few problems not addressed in here:1. Moving...
5 .0
Dec 07 2005

Biolokum 0.2

Various Games by ta75
A simple biorhythm-like applet using a chaotic algorithm. Your daily state is presented with colors and percentages.Ligths represent (I)ntellectual, (P)hysical, and (E)motional levels.I have written it while learning about Qt and KDE programming so it is just a toy. Still, let me know if you...
5 .0
May 03 2005

KSkippingStones 0.1

Various Games by yodor
Skipping stones game - "jump neighboring stones over one another. Only one stone will survive!"Requires OpenGL and GLU libraries
5 .0
Oct 08 2005

sudoku beta 0.3

Various Games by sophyn
A very simple sudoku game.
5 .0
Dec 07 2005

KSuperEna 3.2 (Turbo Edition)

Various Games by AlterX
Super Enalotto is a most popular italian game to win money!!This software manages and develops a system based on 90 numbers with archive, filters and many other operations.Include print on preformatted five cols tabs.KSuperEna is for windowsKEnal is for linuxGood luck!
Windows Binary
5 .0
Jan 30 2018

Kuote (Fortune Frontend) Gentoo Ebuild 0.9.3

Various Games by ripper2256
Installation:check here: http://gentoo-wiki.com/HOWTO_Installing_3rd_Party_Ebuildscopy the ebuild into $PORTDIR_OVERLAY/kde-misc/kuotebtw: i just provided the ebuild, the programm can be found here:http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=18046
5 .0
Nov 02 2005

Spyrit MUSH/MUCK/MOO client 0.4

Various Games by sundance
Spyrit is a client for MUSH, MUCK and MOO roleplaying games. It is written in Python using the Qt toolkit. It aims to be a pleasant, extensible, polished product, and to support all three major platforms.This is a beta version, and you will probably not find it feature complete yet, but it...
5 .0
Feb 16 2011

KMush 0.6

Various Games by ftg
KMush is a simple MU* client intended for the K Desktop Environment. It is written in Java using the Qt Jambi bindings. Its intended use is for softcoding and roleplaying in MUSH environments. KMush now runs on any platform supporting Qt Jambi.
5 .0
Jan 20 2008

TTT 1.0

Various Games by Blahord
TTT is a TicTacToe game with an unbeatable AI. It is not possible to win one single game.
5 .0
Dec 22 2010

Payslots 0.4.1

Various Games by drxnele
Game descriptionCombine fruits to collect points, you can increase points with aditional bonusesThere are 3 types of bonus: * 2 Wining slots Total x1.5 This bonus increase total number of points 1.5 times. You get it when you connect same fruits in 2 diferent tables * 3 Wining slots...
6 .3
Jan 27 2011