Crazy Tower 2.1

Various Games by Samt43
Crazy Tower is a small game in which you must build the highest tower to by adding balls and balloons. It's a demo of a tiny physics engine I made that you can freely reuse in your program (for some help, contact-me :-) )There are only 4 levels in this game at this moment... So if you like this...
6 .7
Aug 02 2011

QZinc 1

Various Games by doganay44
Zinc interface
5 .0
Jun 30 2008

rock paper and scissors 01

Various Games by DsTr111
rock paper and scissors gameTry to win against a computer, not knowing algorithm of the game =)
5 .0
Jul 27 2008

dtcltiny 0.4.4

Various Games by gscholz
dtcltiny is a small SRCP client to control digital model trains on SRCP systems. dtcltiny needs a SRCP server (e.g. srcpd) as hardware link. In cooperation with locking table spdrs60 (http://spdrs60.sourceforge.net/) dtcltiny provides support for train automation.
5 .0
Jun 12 2016

spdrs60 0.6.3

Various Games by gscholz
spdrs60 is a graphical SRCP client to comfortably control a digital model railway. Visual appearance and usage comply to the original SpDrS60 German Federal Railway company locking table. A SRCP server (e.g. erddcd or srcpd) is needed as a hardware link. In collaboration with train controller...
5 .0
May 30 2016

Breakout (Pong) 0.5

Various Games by tomcatberlin
This is some thing called "Breakout" (a friend told it was called like this, I thought it was Pong when I wrote it ^^)You require Python and python-tk, then just type "python breakout.py" in konsole.Enjoy it!
5 .0
Oct 15 2008

gnurpgm 0.2-2

Various Games by axed
The GNU Role Play Game Maker was indicated to provide a free and open source clone from the commercial RPG Makers.Please visit the homepage for more information http://gnurpgm.sourceforge.net/And feel free to leave comments here :)Oh, and join us on facebook !...
7 .4
Jul 19 2011

MameExecutor 1.01

Various Games by vtlmks
Mame Executor is a frontend for SDLMame that runs under KDE4. The goal is to provide users with a convenient GUI to configure and launch SDLMame from, instead of having to maintain the rather cumbersome and illogical mame.ini file. It is programmed in 100% OO C++ and aims to be as fast and small...
6 .3
Jun 12 2009

Canta 0.2-rc1

Various Games by spiderbit
A caraoke like game with educational claimCanta is a platform-independent karaoke (singstar-like) Game. You have to sing to songs and the game shows you if you hit the notes and at the end you see your skill-level.But its goal is more educational, so you see (if included to the song) the notes...
5 .0
Jul 16 2009

Mudlet 1.0.4

Various Games by vadi2
Mudlet is a freshly-minted MUD client, designed to take mudding to a new level.It’s a new breed of a client on the MUD scene – with an intuitive user interface, a specially designed scripting framework, and a very fast text display. Add to that cross-platform capability, an open-source...
5 .0
Dec 09 2009