Maze Builder 1.0

Various Games by dopt
A maze building game. Try to build as hard as possible so the rating would be higher.
Score 58.0%
Aug 17 2012

Linux Tycoon 1.0 Beta 4

Various Games by BryanLunduke
Linux Tycoon is the premier Linux Distro Building Simulator game in the universe. (Truth be told: It’s probably the only Linux Distro Building Simulation game in the universe.) So what exactly do you do in a Linux Distro Building game? So glad you asked! Here’s some examples of the...
Score 46.0%
Apr 27 2012

Invert Apple 1.0

Various Games by admsasha
little logical game. Puzzle game in which you want all the red apples on the playing field to the green. When you click on any of the apples and apples himself horizontally and vertically, change the color to its opposite.
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Score 58.0%
Oct 27 2011

simple Text Quiz 1.0

Various Games by sailendra
simple quiz game for children. user can add as much question as they can via external text editor. as question are stored in a plain text file. if you want to add more question please open the text file named quiz.txt in a notepad and add desired question in same format as other question are....
Score 50.0%
Sep 15 2011

Crazy Tower 2.1

Various Games by Samt43
Crazy Tower is a small game in which you must build the highest tower to by adding balls and balloons. It's a demo of a tiny physics engine I made that you can freely reuse in your program (for some help, contact-me :-) ) There are only 4 levels in this game at this moment... So if you like this...
Score 67.1%
Aug 02 2011

gnurpgm 0.2-2

Various Games by axed
The GNU Role Play Game Maker was indicated to provide a free and open source clone from the commercial RPG Makers. Please visit the homepage for more information http://gnurpgm.sourceforge.net/ And feel free to leave comments here :) Oh, and join us on facebook !...
Score 74.0%
Jul 19 2011

Bruteforce SUDOKU Solver 1

Various Games by blade92
Compile this source code and solve ANY 3x3 grid sudoku puzzle out there. The program has no limits in terms of puzzle difficulty,even one number in a random square will generate a valid solution. USAGE: Important - for instantaneous solution reduce the number under Bruteforce button to...
Score 58.0%
Jun 29 2011

TreeGen 1.0.2

Various Games by hyper80
TreeGen is an environment generator. Generate normal trees palm trees undergrows (Fern) grass. You can adjust the parameters of the generation, so you can generate different kind of trees or other objects. The program uses OpenGL and GLSL (OpenGL Shader Language). The generated objects stores...
Score 63.3%
May 22 2011

Spyrit MUSH/MUCK/MOO client 0.4

Various Games by sundance
Spyrit is a client for MUSH, MUCK and MOO roleplaying games. It is written in Python using the Qt toolkit. It aims to be a pleasant, extensible, polished product, and to support all three major platforms. This is a beta version, and you will probably not find it feature complete yet, but it...
Score 50.0%
Feb 16 2011

Payslots 0.4.1

Various Games by drxnele
Game description Combine fruits to collect points, you can increase points with aditional bonuses There are 3 types of bonus: * 2 Wining slots Total x1.5 This bonus increase total number of points 1.5 times. You get it when you connect same fruits in 2 diferent tables * 3 Wining...
Score 63.3%
Jan 27 2011