Mudlet 1.0.4

Various Games by vadi2
Mudlet is a freshly-minted MUD client, designed to take mudding to a new level.It’s a new breed of a client on the MUD scene – with an intuitive user interface, a specially designed scripting framework, and a very fast text display. Add to that cross-platform capability, an open-source...
5 .0
Dec 09 2009

Invert Apple 1.0

Various Games by admsasha
little logical game. Puzzle game in which you want all the red apples on the playing field to the green. When you click on any of the apples and apples himself horizontally and vertically, change the color to its opposite.
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5 .8
Oct 27 2011

Sudoku solver. 1.0.0

Various Games by admsasha
Sudoku solver. Contains several logical methods of solving, as well as brute force selection.
Debian (.deb) open/Suse (RPM) RedHat (RPM) Source-Code Windows Binary
5 .0
Jul 27 2020

snake 0.1

Various Games by IgorBogomolov
Language: only russian
5 .0
May 08 2009

kqlives 20080202

Various Games by saigkill
KQ is a open-sourced CRPG, with eight characters, over twenty maps, countless item, spells and enemies, all accompanied by music and sound effects. The majority of KQ was developed by JB, until he abandoned it in Autumn 2002. Due to the wonders of open source, it was rescued by a team from...
5 .0
Jan 05 2010

QTron 0.2.1

Various Games by jon-ecm
An Amazing 2 Player Tron clone done in qt!
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5 .0
May 27 2010

QPhysics 0.2

Various Games by jon-ecm
A Box2D Physics Playground written in QT using the Graphics View Framework
5 .0
Jun 17 2010

Nikki and the Robots 1.0.0

Various Games by shahn
Nikki and the Robots renders homage to the classical platform games of the eighties and nineties, while at the same time realizing a unique gameplay idea.The main character Nikki refrains from using any weapons or equipment during the whole quest, and can only jump and run around the levels....
7 .2
Oct 05 2012

Multilotek 1.0

Various Games by Fazer2
Multilotek - is a simulation of a Polish lottery game "Multi Lotek".Features:- works on Linux and Windows- complete simulation of the lottery, with choosing 1 to 10 numbers, stake, "Plus" game mode- truly random drawing- tracking of statistics- dynamic translation (English and Polish) based on...
5 .0
Sep 08 2009

objdesktop 1.0

Various Games by abouzakaria
Created as a fun and relaxing application, objdesktop can be used to display various animated effects on top of your computer desktop.All you have to do is launch the application and select the effect (snow, rain, stars, butterfly, autumn, tux) you want to use from the system tray.
5 .0
May 25 2015