TreeGen 1.0.2

Various Games by hyper80
TreeGen is an environment generator. Generate normal trees palm trees undergrows (Fern) grass. You can adjust the parameters of the generation, so you can generate different kind of trees or other objects. The program uses OpenGL and GLSL (OpenGL Shader Language). The generated objects stores...
6 .3
May 22 2011

decKreator 1.0.7

Various Games by kratos12000
This application allows users to create custom card decks for KDE card games using images provided by the user.
5 .8
Dec 12 2010

Symbol Machine 1.0

Various Games by dacr
Simple casino game, like Fruit Machine.
5 .8
Jan 05 2011

simple Text Quiz 1.0

Various Games by sailendra
simple quiz game for children. user can add as much question as they can via external text editor. as question are stored in a plain text file. if you want to add more question please open the text file named quiz.txt in a notepad and add desired question in same format as other question are....
5 .0
Sep 15 2011

GeldRau$$$ch - MoneyRu$$$ch 1.1

Various Games by lion-d-gem-heart
GeldRau$$$ch (which means MoneyRu$$$ch in german - even if it is usually "Goldrush") is a quiz game for linux. It is very simple. Enter your name, answer questions, win 1 Billion virtual money. There is a small roboter guiding you through the game. You can also add your own questions. Right now...
5 .0
Jul 10 2014

OGLBricks 0.1.1

Various Games by argon-od
Simple puzzle game.Features:-OpenGL 1.1 rendering-Customizable gameplay-Portable - no installation required-Cross-platform code
4 .6
Jan 29 2013
5 .0
Jan 23 2019

QSnake 1.0.2

Various Games by kampo
QSnake is a game similar to Snake from old Nokia phones.
5 .0
Jun 08 2015

Linux Tycoon 1.0 Beta 4

Various Games by BryanLunduke
Linux Tycoon is the premier Linux Distro Building Simulator game in the universe.(Truth be told: It’s probably the only Linux Distro Building Simulation game in the universe.)So what exactly do you do in a Linux Distro Building game?So glad you asked! Here’s some examples of the thrilling...
4 .6
Apr 27 2012

Maze Builder 1.0

Various Games by dopt
A maze building game. Try to build as hard as possible so the rating would be higher.
5 .8
Aug 17 2012