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Connectagram is a word unscrambling game. The board consists of several scrambled words that are joined together. You can choose the length of the words, the amount of words, and the pattern that the words are arranged in. The game provides a hint option for times when you are stuck, and features an online word lookup that fetches the definitions of each word from Wiktionary. Your current progress is automatically saved.
Last changelog:

Version 1.2.9 4 months ago

* FIXED: Automatic high DPI support

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Version 1.2.9 4 months ago

* FIXED: Automatic high DPI support

Version 1.2.8 4 months ago

* FIXED: Missing launcher icon in Linux

Version 1.2.7 6 months ago

* Replaced deprecated code
* Extra warnings only shown in debug build
* Improved Linux deployment
* Improved macOS deployment
* Improved Windows deployment
* Translation updates: Portuguese, Ukrainian

Version 1.2.6 11 months ago

FIXED: Could not compile with Qt 5.10

Version 1.2.5 1 year ago

FIXED: Did not always install translations in Linux

Version 1.2.4 2 years ago

* FIXED: Definitions were not being downloaded

Version 1.2.3 2 years ago

FIXED: Did not install translations in Linux

Version 1.2.2 2 years ago

* Generate binary translations at build time
* FIXED: Was not properly loading Qt translations
* FIXED: Success message was not high DPI
* Translation updates: Czech, Dutch, German, Greek, Lithuanian, Polish, Spanish (Peru), Turkish

9 years ago

2015-01-25 version 1.2.1:
* FIXED: Application layout did not respect RTL languages
* FIXED: All new games used the same seed in Windows

2015-01-20 version 1.2.0:
* Fixed words not shuffled in Qt 5
* Added support for high DPI displays
* Switched to C++11 random classes
* Removed support for Qt 4

2014-02-04 version 1.1.2:
* Fixed games only saved when closing window
* Added Russian wordlist
* Added Hungarian wordlist
* Translation updates: Croatian, Hungarian, Polish

2013-05-05 version 1.1.1:
* Added missing game data in Linux
* Added German and Greek translations

2013-02-20 version 1.1.0:
* Added dragging board to scroll
* Added French wordlist
* Use definitions from Wiktionary
* Improved new game dialog
* Added French, Romanian, and Russian translations
* Added support for Qt 5

2009-09-07 version 1.0.1:
* Fixed incorrect loading of saved games
* Fixed multiple mouse button crash

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