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KLevelFinished is a dialog (based on KDialogBase) (not an application!!!) to show the status of a level after a level is finished in a game.
Do you remember those old games, that showed how many points you earned after completing a level ? It showed you the points you earned by the gold you picked up, or the lives you still had, and it removed points according to the remaining time for example ? This dialog shows that, and it increments showing you how your sum is made on the moment (that is, with a timer).
My intention with this dialog is for game makers to use it on their games. You could copy and paste the code (it's gpl) but my idea is that this could go into some library, latter. For now, I'm interested in your opinion.
The attached file is a simple application that shows the dialog in action, it's very self explanatory but it is also documented (the api of the dialog).
Hope you find it usefull.


15 years ago

For what would you need an apply button in such an dialog? A cancel button seems useless to me, too.

CU Dom




15 years ago

Thanks for the feedback.
Yes, the cancel button is useless. The Apply button do the calculation stoping the animation.


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