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A chess client, that is fully featured, easy to use and nice looking in the gnome way The client should be usable both to those totally new to chess, those who want to take a game here and there, and those who wants to use the computer to further enhance their play.

Lets you play against lots of chess engines in the CECP and UCI formats in many different difficulties. The easiest one being very easy.
If you like to play against other of the human speices, PyChess supports online play on the FICS servers.
Games can be saved in the PGN, EPD and FEN chess fileformats for later continuation or analysis.
If you make mistakes or is going for lunch, PyChess lets you undo or pause the game at any time. However if you play online, you need to wait for you opponent to accept the offer.
When you are in lack of inspiration, PyChess offers an opening book and so called hint- and spy- arrows, which shows you what the computer would do in your place, and what it would do if you opponent could move just now.
Further, PyChess offers a rich and while simple interface, with sound, animation and Human Interface in the main row.

To help translate PyChess into your language please visit
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