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Planes is a variant of the battleships game.
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Release 0.2.3 7 months ago

Android application is offered in play store under the link

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Release 0.2.3 7 months ago

Android application is offered in play store under the link

Release 0.2.1 10 months ago

Developed Android application (PlanesAndroid)

Linux and Windows applications use Qt5.12.
Tested applications with Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04, Windows 10.

libCommon is now a shared library and does not use Qt anymore.
A JavaFx GUI was developed (PlanesJavaFx)
Book was updated.

Release 0.1.1 1 year ago

BugFix: In PlanesWidget when the first plane is directly rotated 360 after pressing Done it dissapears from view.
Improvement: In PlanesWidget center the column indices on the columns on the columns themselves.
Improvement: In PlanesWidget Deactivate AddPlane and DeletePlane functions.
Feature: In PlanesQML add scrollable help file.
Feature: In PlanesQML: Rounded buttons in the link pane and on the game board.
Improvement: In PlanesQML yellow background of buttons in the tab bar on the right side of the view.

Project uses now Qt.5.11.2 for linux and windows version.
Binaries were tested with Windows 10, Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu18.04.

Release 0.1 1 year ago

Updates binaries with those from release 0.1

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