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Board by admsasha
puzzle-jigsaw is a tiling puzzle that requires the assembly of often oddly shaped interlocking and mosaiced pieces.
x86 x86-64 armhf
5 .0
Aug 27 2020


Various Games by ElThoro
iQPuzzle is a diverting I.Q. challenging puzzle. Pentominos are used as puzzle pieces and more than 300 different board shapes are available, which have to be filled with them. [list] [*] [url=]Windows, ReactOS, macOS (untested),...
x86 x86-64 armhf arm64
6 .3
Mar 15 2020

La Capi Interstellar Captain in the cloud of asteroids

Arcade by bazza
Help to the capi to sail between the asteroids from your terminal Keys: A, W, S, D, SPACE and Q BTC: 19qkh5dNVxL58o5hh6hLsK64PwEtEXVHXs LTC: LeFUtMaCRq1HYapFNPfCZoSiXn9A6KNDoK
x86 x86-64 armhf
5 .0
Jan 19 2019